8. 9. 2015

The company MONIT signed a significant agreement on cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology within VUT Brno

It is our great honour…

At the beginning of September 2015 the company monit and the Faculty of Information Technology VUT signed an agreement on cooperation in the areas of education, research and human resources development. The agreement was signed by Ing. Jaroslav Kapoun, executive director of the company monit and Doc. Ing. Jaroslav Zendulka, CSc., dean of the Faculty of Information Technology within VUT Brno.

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Both institutions share an interest in the development of information and new technologies. The core of their cooperation is not only the exchange of experts, a collaboration on a professional lectures or other events in the field of information technology, a collaboration on teaching and research, application research, but also a guidance of bachelor, master and doctoral theses. Students of the Faculty of Information Technology get an opportunity to apply for professional practice in the headquarters of the company monit, the possibility of participation and collaboration in global competitions and other events for students.

If you want to know more about the very important opportunities that this agreement about cooperation brings, please feel free to contact us at any time. You will find the contact below.

PR monit || Ing. Jana Kapounová
email: office@monit.cz