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Marketing research and promotion

Mystery shopping

 Mystery shopping icone Mystery shopping is one of the most effective assessment tools used to independently determine the quality of services provided to customers. Mystery shopping provides an accurate feedback to help clearly define the understanding of the brand and products position and market services.

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Event | Promotion | Hostess

 Events icone An awareness of the brand or service and its further development is exclusively associated with promoting at the point of sale or creating an event for support services. These activities are carried out in the introduction of new or existing product on the market, as well as during seasonal context.

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 Call center icone Callcheck or sales and support services are powerful tools allowing efficient evaluation of investments in implemented projects. CALL activities prepare the environment for the launch of the campaign, you will discover the market attitude and easily validate the execution and targets of your projects.

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Monitoring | Audit | Research

 Monitoring icon With the growing pressure of competition between retails and wholesales, with pressure of consumer to the sales culture and other factors there is a need to monitor more and more information from the sales. Our complex systems of monitoring / audit / survey tailored set directly to the needs of each client will help you.

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Sales team evaluation

 Sales team evaluation icon The sell of your product to market requires high-quality sales team. The better business team you have, the sales numbers are more growing and so the profits do. Monit offers the most complex offer in the area of quality evaluation of the implementation of business sales representatives from small companies to multinational corporations.

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Specialized Merchandising

 Specialized Merchandising icon It is about the standard care of the products at stores, about maximum support in the placement and maintaining of advertising materials POP and POS at the point of sale. Merchandiser is able to distribute materials to the store, to expose the determined positions and thenprovides a regular maintenance in the store, completion and maintenance of the exhibited products (eg. polishing screens).

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Communications agencies

 Communication agencies icon With the growing demands of clients for the quality and speed of execution of the project is related necessity for adequate overview of the market, places of execution, possibilities of realization and presumptions for maximal load potential of the given project. In this context, we offer a selected support models for the communication and advertising agencies.

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Marketing strategies

 Marketing strategies icon Marketing strategy is a tactical process by which there are efficiently allocated business inputs to increase sales and maintain a competitive advantage. The main focus of this process is always on the customer, his needs, requirements and expectations.

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Competitiveness of products

 Competitiveness of products icon Before putting a new product on the market the key questions have to be answered. Those answers will have a significant impact on the success or failure of any product. These issues relate to the market environment focuses on the analysis of the market itself, competing operators, and the level of pricing and other aspects related to the specific product.

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