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An awareness of the brand or service and its further development is exclusively associated with promoting at the point of sale or creating an event for support services. These activities are carried out in the introduction of new or existing product on the market, as well as during seasonal context.


Special Occasions linked with an interesting enjoyment and experience are always an excellent choice for meeting people of different professions and interests. Equally it, assists consolidating contacts and developing dialogue of people engaged in related fields. For these occasions monit has a team of experienced producers and animators who are ready to meet and develop your ideas of the perfect presentation of your company in the form of event.

Event types:

  • road show
  • sport tournament
  • conference
  • fair presentation
  • congress exhibitions

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Promotion of the product, new or rebranded one is a needed to support its visibility on its usual spot when the product is being launched. Promotion aims to raise the profile of the brand in the eyes of the client and set the level of quality and prestige of the featured product. Promotion in the form of tasting gives the customer the option of immediate review, memorization and classification of the product, leading to increased interest from customers and increased product sales.

Use of promotion:

  • brand visibility
  • Familiarization with the product
  • increase of sales

More about Events

Every professional field needs to associate in the process of its development and strengthening ties . (The medieval guilds were replaced by associations, unions and other forms of community.) The best way of meeting these needs is to organize the event for your colleagues, partners, clients and business clients. It is then the responsibility of the organizer to prepare everything as expected, to make the event go according to a set timetable.

Monit manage to have a range of such events, which is able to realize in a very short period of time with maximum precision. With experience in implementing international events, variability of supply and flexibility of realization is the process of preparation and production of the event smooth and accurately meet the needs of the client.

In the end it is up to you to experience your event and enjoy all the moments. All the people will be happy to return to that memories and meet you at the next event.

More about Promotions

Each product deserve increased attention from the promotion from time to time. Sometimes it is at the beginning of its cycle, sometimes when changing brands, or because of its innovation or during seasonal events.

Our team of experienced promoters and hostesses will take care of your promotion. The strong point of our team is its wide scope and experience of multi-day or periodic promotour, and Rod from different parts of the market and the types of products or services. We are ready to meet the specific requirements of the client to meet their needs and fill up their expectations.