Konkurenceschopnost produktů ikona Competitiveness of products

Before putting a new product on the market the key questions have to be answered. Those answers will have a significant impact on the success or failure of any product. These issues relate to the market environment focuses on the analysis of the market itself, competing operators, and the level of pricing and other aspects related to the specific product.

  • Product information
  • Market analysis and demand estimate
  • Competition analysis
  • Analysis of price levels
  • Analysis of market expectations, the attitude of potential customers
  • Marketing strategies

 Competitiveness of products

  • The primary factor in determining the competitiveness of a product to the market is knowledge of the basic characteristics of the product and its destination. In correlation with other activities it enables us to design the necessary steps and provide appropriate recommendations for the successful implementation of the product.
  • The market analysis leads to the conclusion that mainly concern the demand and needs of the target market segments (potential customers).
  • Competitive environment and price levels on the market are others key factors of strategic importance which we carefully investigate. The aim of this part of the market analysis is primarily to realize the existing risks associated with established firms on the market or other barriers (financial, legislative, etc.) to enter the market and finding possible existing market gaps (the niche).
  • The strategic tool, then serve as a basis, which we will use to create appropriate marketing strategy. This tactical process is used for optimum allocation of corporate resources to increase sales or maintain a competitive advantage.

The Monit is focused on creating long-term analysis of the market environment and obtaining information about the market. We pay attention to competing firms in the industry, current trends in the industry and provide marketing research and market analysis (quantitative and qualitative) to determine the attitudes and opinions of potential customers. Our portfolio of services includes cooperation with companies in introducing new products to the market, analysis processing associated with this process and providing the required information as a basis for applications for subsidies from European funds.