Marketingové strategie ikona Marketing strategies

Marketing strategy is a tactical process by which there are efficiently allocated business inputs to increase sales and maintain a competitive advantage. The main focus of this process is always on the customer, his needs, requirements and expectations. The corporate marketing strategy must include the individual steps for developing and bringing product to market the through marketing mix (promotional activities, selection of appropriate distribution channels) defines the target segments of the market, including targeting and also includes an analysis of needs and customer relationship management.

Use for:
  • Entry of a new product on the market
  • Product information
  • Market segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Marketing mix and choice of key components

 Marketing strategies image

  • Development of new product takes place mostly on the side of the company and is mainly associated with the procedural aspect, the choice of topics, business analysis, product development, testing on the market and promotion.
  • With segmentation and subsequent targeting we explore the potential customers (who will buy).
  • The next step (location) is the most important strategic point which creates value declaration that the potential customer must be able to connect with the products.
  • The marketing mix is an important correlation of fundamental properties and characteristics of the product. So we pay attention to the product as it is, to its price, distribution (location) and promotion. This approach is the practice known as 4P (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

To select the optimal marketing strategies are necessary experience and sufficient information. Our knowledge and years of experience from many projects will ensure the creation or modification of a marketing strategy that is comprehensive, i.e. with a deeper understanding of the company itself and its product, market segments and customers.

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