Mystery shopping ikona Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is one of the most effective assessment tools used to independently determine the quality of services provided to customers. Mystery shopping provides an accurate feedback to help clearly define the understanding of the brand and products position and market services.

Mystery shoppings variants:
  • mystery visit
  • mystery calling
  • mystery emailing
  • mystery + merchandising

 Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is done by secret visits, the "mystery shopper" visits the establishment or location as a current customer or viewer. These visits are a regular / repeated periodically. Based on ongoing reporting is achieved significantly enhanced service levels.

To record the visit, we can use these methods of documentation:

  • photographs
  • audio records
  • video record
  • + geolocation services

For quick and permanent access to the results we use our own information system that provides immediate insight into the progress of MS event with actual results of visits. It gives you the possibility to react to the situation on-line. System implementation is always adjusted "tailored" to each separately, as each company has its own specific requirements and expectations.

For single projects can also be used off-line reporting.

If you are thinking about independent evaluation of services or control of your employees – for you we have a solution. Contact us.