DisplayMAN – remote central content management

Tool for remote central content management on digital screens, expandable with useful widgets and the possibility of renting time to a third party.

Clear and intuitive tool for remote screen control, for 24/7, from anywhere in the world and from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop). You just need to connect the digital screen (professional panel, touch screen, etc.) to the network and register the device. Then the individual devices can be divided into groups and subgroups, you can insert various content into rich templates and schedule playing of a campaign calendar. DisplayMAN supports a wide variety of formats and in addition it also provides useful widgets as an extension. Of course, there is clear statistics presenting detailed content on various devices and control their activities.

Offer this space to a third party!

Main points
  •     >>   central content management
  •     >>   accessible from anywhere
  •     >>   clear planner
  •     >>   formats supported
  •     >>   expandable with widgets
  •     >>   easy device registration
  •     >>   division into groups
  •     >>   intuitive control
  •     >>   detailed statistics
  •     >>   ad sales


television screens etc. It can be applied in shopping centres, hotels, public spaces, waiting rooms, institutions, residential complexes, retail premises, franchises, etc. Its unique advantage is intuitive and transparent environment, that clearly displays device group, running campaigns and content, space and total time. It is also suitable for a third-party content, which is a saving solutions for digital signage.