MobileSYSTEM module platform for creating and mass distribution of e-mails and newsletters with detailed statistics and personalization options.

E-mailing is a module of the MobileSYSTEM platform which enables sending bulk electronic emails and automated reporting. This module allows you to build and send newsletters, bulk emails, business communications and so on. At the same time, it can also be used for sending automated or contingent messages that can be personalized and addressed to a specific recipient. Thanks very clear and specific statistics, you can keep track of your successful campaigns, any action taken and the interests of your beneficiaries or customers, with detail on each individual. E-mailing module can work with multiple groups, allowing clearly focus on different groups of recipients. You can control and schedule the time of sending individual messages, so you do not have to be at your computer during the exact sending time. Statistics clearly displays who opened the message and clicked straight on a different note. This allows you to monitor long-term activities of your recipients with detail on the individual person. Of course, all data can also be used in other MobileSYSTEM modules.

Main points
  •     >>   clear mass distribution
  •     >>   regular newsletters
  •     >>   personalized messages
  •     >>   automatized notifications
  •     >>   connection to external services
  •     >>   increased customer care
  •     >>   clear statistics
  •     >>   comprehensible customer behaviour
  •     >>   free test messages
  •     >>   intelligent database
  •     >>   DKIM verification


Module E-mailING is not only a powerful marketing tool for the digital era, but also a great communication tool for customer care. Along with detailed statistics and a possible connection to an external database, you can communicate with clients across their services. Sending regular newsletters, highlighting interesting events, setting the rules for automated messages, thanks, congratulations, advice and much more. It can be used in e-shops, recreational facilities, offices, building management, information systems, sales networks, events, etc. - all places where the product and service are in the first place.