MobileSYSTEM module platform for fast and easy SMS mass distribution. Collectively and individually, based on events or campaigns with personalization.

InfoSMS is the module of the MobileSYSTEM platform, which serves as a simple and transparent tool for sending bulk SMS and also separate reports on the basis of an event: order confirmation, thanks, congratulations, warnings, date of visit, information, account status, club program, confirming the identification, sending the code, voucher and more. Thanks to INFOSMS you will get your message directly into the hands of your customers and you can monitor their activity. Messaging can plan and deliver information to you immediately. Additionally, you only pay for received SMS.

Main points
  •     >>   collective messages
  •     >>   personalised address
  •     >>   automatized messages
  •     >>   sending plan
  •     >>   campaign monitoring
  •     >>   delivered SMS vs. inactive numbers
  •     >>   smart database
  •     >>   statistics of all accesses in case of links
  •     >>   costs for actually delivered SMS


Whether you have an e-shop, a chain of stores, club program, or the need to identify your customers, this simple tool for sending SMS messages will find its usage in all these areas. And if you want to build a stronger bond with your customers, if you want to alert them to your actions, to congratulate them for a birthday, remind them to visit or to confirm their dates – the best choice is to tell it directly to the customer.

  • Actual news
  • congratulations
  • thanks
  • order reminder
  • term of a service
  • voucher code
  • web reference
  • account balance
  • Identification

Visit the WebNAVIGATOR module and create your presentation, all together with InfoSMS and then be in a close contact with your customer.

Expand InfoSMS with a module E-mailing and communicate with your customers on its two main points of communication - e-mail and mobile phone.