Unique comprehensive digital marketing tool. It enables the creation and management of digital content, communication with customers and provide clear statistics.

MobileSYSTEM is a comprehensive digital marketing tool. It is an integrated, modular solution that offers a wide range of tools and customization combinations. MobileSYSTEM enables quick and easy creation of mobile and Web content, applications, communication with clients or groups of clients through the application, e-mail or SMS. Monitors the interest and preferences of the customer and of course provides specific and extensive statistics behavior. The unique modular platform allows you to build a custom solution that suits both entrepreneurs, small businesses and multinational corporations. Look for companies that use MobileSYSTEM in the references.

Main points
  •     >>   modular system
  •     >>   integration platform that enables a connection of third parties to the databases
  •     >>   applications without the need for updates
  •     >>   sales and marketing tool
  •     >>   web builder
  •     >>   mailing, SMS
  •     >>   statistics
  •     >>   customer monitoring
  •     >>   long-term work with the customer
  •     >>   complex customer care concept
  •     >>   extendable and customised


Thanks to its easy and clear concept, MobileSYSTEM can be deployed in almost any industry, where a dealer meets with a customer or where quick and clear communication is needed. This unique tool can be used across various segments. Whether it is a beauty salon, holiday resort, hotel, property management, companies from the FMCG and retail or event, if you have customers then the MobileSYSTEM and its various modules is just the right choice for you. No matter if you work in the B2B or B2C sector.

It is easy:

  • Presentation: Present your services or product to customers
  • Actualisation: personalize the content according to your wishes
  • Delivery: provide information simply and concisely directly to you
  • Availability: personally communicate with everybody
  • Notification: let everybody know what is new and what you plan
  • Connection: monitor customer response to your activities
  • Statistics: work individually with customer behaviour
  • Specialization: give your customers what they really want and increase your success
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