Easy and comprehensive editor for creating web applications, that can present your services, products and events. Available also on the Google market and App store!

WebNAVIGATOR is a useful tool for quick and easy creation of mobile web. You can simply create a main page with the banner and links to your other channels and social networks. Menu can be freely disseminated by the width of your offer. Firstly, you are working in the preview and when you are satisfied with the result, you update it. It supports various formats and offer variable content division. It contains a set of widgets for better interaction with your customers and visitors. In combination with other modules of MobileSYSTEM platform in will offer much more functions.

The uniqueness of this module is the possibility to put it on the Google market and App store, but beware - the application platform MobileSYSTEM do not need updating - all adjustments take effect immediately without having to download the update!

Main points
  •     >>   fast and easy web
  •     >>   different kinds of templates
  •     >>   applications for half the normal price
  •     >>   always actual
  •     >>   number of different widgets
  •     >>   easy to combine with other modules
  •     >>   fully responsible
  •     >>   easy to customize


Serve as a quick signpost for your event, landing page for your campaign, simple app for your services, presentation tool for your products. Due to the simplicity and yet sufficiency and opportunities linking it with other modules, the WebNAVIGATOR has variable ways of usage and it is perfectly customizable.

  • Do you want to know the feedback of your customers? Use the questionnaire.
  • Are you wondering about their choice? Activate the voting.
  • Do you want to boast your products? Show the gallery
  • Are they looking for you? Show them the map
  • Are they asking questions? Run the FAQ
  • Do you need a feedback? Use a questionnaire