Information signpost for web presentation with Wi-Fi and visitors tracking.

WifiGUIDE is a useful tool for presenting products and services at the point of sale or realization. At the moment of connecting to Wi-Fi, the visitor sees a signpost information about the company, products, services, programs, etc. Visitors also can go on to the Internet. If necessary, you can set the conditions for access to the Internet (time limit, specified personals, completed questionnaire, etc.). Another nice option is the ability to connect to databases and third-party services. Of course, there are arranged statistics for individual access points with detail the behaviour of each visitor.


WifiGUIDE solution has a wide range of usage. It can be deployed in the franchise and retail premises, sports and leisure resorts, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. It can be effectively implemented at events, concerts, tournaments and other events. WifiGUIDE also provides the possibility of distributing vouchers, usage of questionnaire,voting and many other useful tools for communication and presentation to customers.

Suitable in combination with E-mailing and InfoSMS modules, an extension of WebNAVIGATOR.