Digital signage SW

Software solutions for a centralized administration and management of digital panels. Easy and targeted planning of media campaigns. Current and attractive presentation of a content.

Thanks to the MOBILESYSTEM, that has many modules of integration platform, you can easily, quickly and without additional costs for building an IT infrastructure fully exploit the potential of digital panels. MOBILESYSTEM DisplayMan can easily help you, if you have a need to display information from your existing systems, or if you want to connect the whole solution to the external database. All this without installing on your PC or your servers. You can control it on any available device, whether it is a traditional PC, NB, tablet or perhaps a mobile phone. Are you interested in interactive and dynamic content? Contact us for more information.

Main points
  •     >>   Easy and intuitive content creation
  •     >>   Large and in time content planning
  •     >>   Online monitoring of displays
  •     >>   Off-line operation in case of Internet connection failure
  •     >>   Extensibility and customization for specific needs
  •     >>   Clear user interface
  •     >>   No need to install, without any operating costs
  •     >>   Advanced user authorization
  •     >>   Scalability according to actual usage
  •     >>   Touch screens support
  •     >>   Unique solution for face and gender recognition and audience measurement
  •     >>   Interactive and dynamic content
  •     >>   Statistics for quick and easy campaigns evaluation
  •     >>   Possibility of connection to external systems and databases (cash and intercom systems, RSS feeds, social networks, web, database systems)
  •     >>   Media files playing