Interactive digital stand

Comprehensive solutions for digital communication and presentation - touch interaction, campaigns, Infopoint, navigation, advertising.

Digital stand by monit is not just about the perfect design and seamless functionality, but also can be full of innovative technologies that push the digital presentation and communication to the next level. Not only that, you have an efficient tool for your presentation, but you get information about the number of people who watched your content. Offers you a new dimension of interactive communication, you can use touch technology to give passers-by the opportunity to try something new and extra gain valuable information and new data.

recepce - černý a bílý stojan

The solution is structurally simple, scalable and constructed of quality materials. Stands outside can also edit color variations in shape, digital frame becomes a universal presenter and mediator communication with customers.

Thanks to the perfect articulation design with functional properties stand managed to achieve very attractive prices and thus becomes available for all categories of customers.

Main points
  •     >>   Active support for impulse purchase at the stores
  •     >>   Reducing the cost of printing flyers and communication
  •     >>   The minimum cost of manual exchange of ads / pasted materials
  •     >>   Online change the content of communications to individual stands
  •     >>   View multiple communications simultaneously
  •     >>   Wide scalability of further modules - camera, wifi - hotspot, shelving systems
  •     >>   Functioning without Internet connection
  •     >>   Automated operation
  •     >>   Analytical tools for evaluating and monitoring the progress of the campaigns
  •     >>   Central content distribution
  •     >>   Return of investments in the next months


  • Advertising and information carrier in retail
  • Navigation in shopping centers, business centers
  • Information panel in hotels and receptions
  • Virtual reception / visitor registration
  • Self-service kiosk for ordering goods
  • The electronic overview of vacancies in fitness centers
  • Interactive advertising element in marketing events, a trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Auto shows and product demonstrations
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