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About the client

Matrix, American professional brand number 1, provides for hairdressers all over the world a top-class products, but also accessible innovation and education. With innovative and smart products Matrix allows hairdressers around the world to share the "American dream" and possibility to imagine what you can do!

Main task

One of those who decided to use our solutions for digital communications is, for example, L'Oréal - Matrix. On the basis of MobileSYSTEM, a tool designed primarily to support hairdressers and beauty of this brand was created.

The reason for the change and the transition to this tool was to better collaborate with hairstylists and offer additional options that competitors don’t offer, including eg. the reservation system for every salon, automatic sending of the invitations and the overall management of the salon.

Petra Málková
The Professional Products Division, brand Matrix

7 weeks
for realisation

reservation systems

client satisfaction


MobileSYSTEM is ahead of the time and its competitors. For example, it is not necessary to install the system and its users still can enjoy all the benefits of commonly installed applications, including OFF-line work, etc. Just imagine how a single and complex solution can cover B2B and B2C tools. In the digital environment it can analyse the data from the sales network, evaluate the success of the campaign from the perspective of the contracting authority and salons/hairdressers and especially very significantly improve a collaboration of the brand with salons/hairdressers and their clients in the field of digital technology.

Did the project come up to the expectations?

Yes, and beyond the expectations of all involved. Deployment of this marketing tool enabled to approach all the customers in the place in their natural environment, but also helped to better define the entire market for CZ, SK, HU. Until then there was not a detailed look at the hairdressers showing their habits and bringing statistical data for a trade development. Each stylist has all his customers at one place and also an overview and Matrix knows every hairdressers and his position.

Thanks to this decision Matrix has reached deeper and wider approaching and communication with customers and all this at a minimum cost in comparison with a conventional solutions. Matrix moved all the latest features of digital realm closer to a normal hairdresser. To salons/hairdressers Matrix provides a virtual and modern facilities for easier operation of the salon, accurate and targeted approach of selected clients and all this while allowing them to pamper their customers with a personalized service and care in the area of digital media.

Thanks to the mobile system MAX, how this tool is called, the position within the key customers of the brand Matrix strengthened and in 2014 there was 8% growth in the salon in market share.


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