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In collaboration with Coca-Cola we are testing various solutions for example menuboards. At the turn of the seasons 2015/2016 we bring to the market highly sought news SMART STANDS - with a touch screen and the function of recognizing people and other parameters "standing" in from of it.

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For our longstanding customer, the company Coca-Cola we prepared a HighTech solution to the smart stands. Coca-Cola wants to offer to its dealers a new way of presenting not only the brand Coca-Cola but also the retailers itself. The company wanted a solution that is innovative, affordable and able to engage with a wide audience, including the younger generations. The development of digital technologies, trends and also a better availability – there are many reasons why the company Coca-Cola decided to choose monit touchscreens for the pilot operation. This entire solution enables a central administration, whether it is a small or large installation, across the sales network in various regions. You can easily change the content simultaneously on all the devices and everything can be controlled for example from a mobile phone. For the brand Coca-Cola this represents a unique way of presentation, especially for the young generation and for the individual retailer or restaurant it is a space for its promotion. The next generation of these smart stands will be able to e.g. recognize the person standing in front of it and possibly interactively offer the best product to the customer.


 Coca-Cola Stand

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