40% response rate - utopia or possible reality?

The number of mobile devices is growing every year, and whether we like it or not, each of us have to respond to this trend. Finding and gathering information is shifting from PC to a different mobile devices: smart phones, tablets, watches, scanners, various minicomputers etc. It won’t take long and smart devices will become part of our daily life and rituals. Not only wearable electronics but also domestic appliances, vehicles, home and office accessories will find and work with user’s data. Is it a sci-fi utopia or a new James Bond movie screenplay? Not at all, it is a reality and as soon as you join us you will have a big competitive advantage.

Let’s get back to today, when every web or e-commerce cannot work without a responsive design. We just have to be at least mobile friendly. That is important content, utilization and diversification of social media and a support for the coming generation of technologies that we are "wearing" (watches, bracelets, glasses, medical devices and others.). The majority of marketers who are following the trends in digital marketing know these wearable devices. But where to start?

How can we connect all this with a big data and everything that we already have? The solution can be simple and without a creation of a high-cost applications. It is necessary to plan a continuous steps in order to prevent loosing already existing customers (2/3 of customers leave the current supplier for his indifference to them). At the same time we have to move forward, ahead of the competition. Proper approaching the customer is absolutely necessary. How can we do it?

Did you know that the average user will open only 20 % of emails and read no more than one third of posts or tweets, but entire 98 % will read a text message?

 Response rate comparison

The solution offers itself and is quite simple, but unfortunately is wrongly omitted to the complex solutions - i.e. Digital SMS marketing. On average every user checks his phone (mobile devices) 150 times a day. With readability 98 % this kind of marketing reaches an immediate effect and a very interesting response time:

 Response rate comparison

One of those who use such kind of marketing tool for a digital communication is for example L'Oréal - Matrix. On the basis of MobileSYSTEM from the company monit (www.monit.cz), which specializes in complex marketing and mobile software solutions for many multinational companies, in early 2015 there was designed a tool in order to support hairdressers and salons of this brand. The reason for the change and transition to this tool was to better collaborate with hairstylists and offer them some additional options against the competitors, including e.g. the reservation system for every salon, automatic sending of the invitations and the overall management of the salon. MobileSYSTEM is ahead of his time and his competitors – for example it is not necessary to install the system and even though the users can enjoy all the benefits of currently installed applications, including off-line work, etc. Just imagine, how single and complex solution can include B2B and B2C tools and inside the digital environment analyse the data from the sales network, evaluate the success of the campaign from the perspective of the contracting authority and salons / hairdressers. Above all, it can significantly enhance collaboration between the brand and salons / hairdressers and their clients in the field of digital technology.

Did the project come up to the expectations?

Yes, and beyond the expectations of all involved. Deployment of this marketing tool enabled to approach all the customers in the place in their natural environment, but also helped to better define the entire market for CZ, SK, HU. Until then there was not a detailed look at the hairdressers showing their habits and bringing statistical data for a trade development. Each stylist has all his customers at one place and also an overview and Matrix knows every hairdressers and his position.

Thanks to this decision Matrix has reached deeper and wider approaching and communication with customers and all this at a minimum cost in comparison with a conventional solutions. Matrix moved all the latest features of digital realm closer to a normal hairdresser. To salons/hairdressers Matrix provides a virtual and modern facilities for easier operation of the salon, accurate and targeted approach of selected clients and all this while allowing them to pamper their customers with a personalized service and care in the area of digital media.

Thanks to the mobile system MAX, how this tool is called, the position within the key customers of the brand Matrix strengthened and in 2014 there was 8% growth in the salon in market share.

Mobile marketing has an increasing potential to reach every user. It is actually just the right combination of reaching the right target group. If we compare the mobile marketing with other methods, such as email marketing, where the response rate goes down to tenths or hundredths of a percent, in mobile marketing there are cases where the response rate is between 10 and 20 %. Response rate on the sales department in the above mentioned project for the brand Matrix and this form of marketing moves up to 40 % (i.e. at least 200% increase in comparison with the best results of a newsletter campaigns). Did you think that these numbers are just utopia? After reading this article all of us will probably agree that we would like to have these numbers as well and maybe we should do something.

Of course no one can reach the above mentioned numbers just by sending SMS. You need a coherent set of activities linked to the knowledge database of our customers. Now the following terms are constantly discussed: big data and their real application, content management, integration with digital signage and digital marketing. But how can we do it? The overall strategy needs to be well-thought-out by someone who can give you advice and show you the right direction of the sustainable development in the digital world. It is advisable to consider the possibility of established solutions using a variety of innovative processes through which, like others in the first line, you can reach the success. Because from now on you can really take care of each customer and at a minimal cost. You just have to want it…

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