1. " We are the leader of modern marketing and planning in the retail."
  2. " We change the history of marketing."
  3. " We are proud of being monit."



"We perceive each of our CLIENT as a unique company with its own goals. Our mission is to increase their prestige and profit. We solve the actual needs thanks to the modularity of our tools and flexibility of our services."


"We help to determinate the direction of the digital marketing and sales support."


"We create an environment for new technologies and humanization of technologies."



  • MobileSYSTEM – a complex digital marketing tools
  • Application for new wearable technologies
  • GolfNAVIGATOR – a web application for the organizer of golf tournaments
  • SMART STANDS and MENUBOARDS – with the touch screen and facial recognition of persons and other objects standing in front of it
  • and other SW products for: online marketing research/questionnaires, event marketing, sales team evaluation, specialized merchandising, support of communication agencies
  • We are the essential innovator of interconnection of retail, marketing and new technologies.


  • Online marketing research/questionnaires
  • Mystery shopping
  • Consumer basket survey
  • Event management
  • Monitoring of the competitors
  • Sales team evaluation
  • Specialized merchandising
  • Support of communication agencies
  • Definition and implementation of marketing strategies
  • Verification of product competitiveness

Every year we organize a networking social event Retail Golf® Cup


You will be trendy with us!

Customers will associate your brand with innovative and „in“ company.

You will be part of the new generations that provide a services that current customers expect.

We will help you to find and design the best solution suitable for you.

About MONIT – or our story

Many things happened during the year 2005: Xbox 36 was launched to the market, GoPro brand was created, Apple showed iPod Shuffle (the first player without a display, which played random songs) and among others first iPhone (combination of phone, computer and player) had been developed and waited for its launch in 2007). Samsung, Home Credit and many others officially came to the Czech market, the director Filip Renč made a film “From Subway with Love” based on the book by Michael Viewegh, Benedict XVI. was elected as the successor to the Jan Pavel II. and also the company monit was founded.
Numerous companies have different creative agencies to create their "brand story"; monit does not have to do that, he has his own story: real and strong, based on the honest work and self-denial of several young people and, of course, goes much deeper ...

It were two young students, Jaroslav Kapoun and Jana Melicheríková, at that time they were studying at the Faculty of information technology VUT in Brno, since 2003, who got the first idea of monit. However, due to the financial possibilities and their study at that time they did business as self-employers.
Once it was possible Jaroslav and Jana founded the company monit. Historically, the first product under the brand monit was called "Sales representatives monitoring." All this things started in very hard and difficult conditions: transport to the meetings with a family rented vehicle, many sleepless nights spent preparing materials for clients, a year or two without holidays, etc. All of this with a zero wage. The current employees said to Jaroslav and Jana that nobody would work under such conditions, that it is a very stressful and exhausting work. But they found also those who believed in them and supported them. Thank you very much for that!

Milestones of the company: :

  • 2005 – the company monit s.r.o. was founded
  • 2006 – a complex portfolio of marketing research and sales support were defined
  • 2007 – the start of cooperation with big clients as Emco, Haribo, etc.
  • 2008 – the establishment of a training centre and transfer of professional experiences from sales support
  • 2009 – the start of a complex mobile tool for sales support
  • 2010 – for monit 650 external employees from the Czech Republic and Slovakia work
  • 2013 – the start the development of MobileSYSTEM
  • 2014 – in November the first implementation (for the company L´Oréal, brand Matrix) won 1st prize in POPAI AWARDS 2014 in the category of digita
  • 2015 – the company started a cooperation with the company Samsung (as one of the three development companies in the Czech Republic with access to SDK of Samsung products), monit moved to the new offices in Technology park, our digital marketing tools gain strength and the company expanded to the new markets

All this really happened. The success did not appear out of the blue. We did not have any financial subsidies or financial injections or anything like that. And of course the success was not alone. But thanks to the diligence of a few young people, the company is still here – for more then ten years. Now the company is stable, purely Czech, innovative and very dynamically developing in the offered services. The company is engaged in precisely what employees like and fill – the development of digital marketing tools and work for the clients, which the company appreciates and would do anything for them.

monit s.r.o. is on the market since 2005. For the first 8 years monit focused on a marketing research (supported by own SW tools) for companies like Coca-Cola, Emco, Panzani, etc. Due to the focus and client´s demand, monit decided to expand to the development and operation of complex SW tools for digital marketing, sales support, etc. On the basis of the quality and content of the services monit became an unique company on the Czech Republic market.
In 2014 monit brought to the market the new product of Digital marketing tool MobileSYSTEM and the company started a big progress on this. For example one the first implementation (for the company L´Oréal, brand Matrix) won 1st prize in POPAI AWARDS 2014 in the category of digital. Other clients followed and you can find them in references.
In 2005 the company moved to the Technology park TITC – Purkyňova 125, Brno.