From manual email distribution to automated campaigns, from material distribution via email, USB, and shared storage to a secure distribution system...

  • Plan campaigns with precise targeting and timing
  • Customer care with automation is a pleasure
  • Distribute marketing materials to clients securely and easily
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Orders began their lives over phones, in emails and on paper, and now we’re moving to a fully online ordering system with all the benefits of a single data repository. 
  • Give clients instant access to current offers
  • Digitalization of the sales team
  • Processes and your know-how firmly in the digital environment
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Production / Warehouse / Logistics

Perform your tasks faster and more accurately – from production to delivery.
  • Production planning, in all its varying aspects 
  • Better use of warehouse space
  • On-line transport tracking, distribution
  • Optimization and automation 
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Human Resources (HR)

Taking care of employees is not easy, especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of them. To ensure the provision of quality care to everyone while managing everything with a small team, we employ various tools. Below, we provide a few examples of how digital automation can simplify our work. We tailor a solution to each client's specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Entry, training and exit of employees governed by company rules
  • Employee legal and personal documents - secure and clear
  • A real trained team - training and testing people anytime, anywhere and always the same
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Accounting / Administrative

Get rid of manual transcription, paper, and errors: choose digitization and automated data extraction.
  • Electronic approval workflow will make the approval process clearer and many times faster.
  • We import approved invoices into your accounting system
  • We’ll store scans of the originals in a trusted electronic archive where they can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.
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