B2B partner zone

Do you work with a large number of business partners and spend a lot of time looking after them? We’ll help you find an effective and modern way to communicate with partners, and we’ll help you automate, digitalize, and optimize repetitive processes in the company. Our platform is secure and directly tailored to your business.


How do we work?

At the beginning of the project, we’ll examine how you work and map the processes in your company, as well as processes associated with your business partners. We’ll look at those areas that bother you most and design a solution that will help optimize your work.

Implementation examples

  • Simple CRM solving communication with partners, where you can see all communication in one place
  • Process automation through our MOBILE SYSTEM platform and connecting modules that will simplify your work
  • Connecting an e-mailing module for sending automatic business e-mails, or a module for sending text messages
  • Simplifying the informing of partners using an e-learning module

Advantages of the solution

  • Your data are safe with us
  • Acceleration and streamlining of work
  • Simplifying the engagement of new partners
  • Unified communication with all partners
  • Data available in one place