Employee benefits

Automatic allocation of benefits based on defined parameters, displaying individual employee entitlements, including the ability to request their allocation. After allocation, your HR can also view their uptake, including automatic creation of payroll deductions. This is what records of benefits look like today.

In the field of human resources management, the benefit management programme is one of the key parameters of successful work with your employees.

If your HR department devotes too much time to operations associated with collecting documents and evaluating employees’ claims for various benefits, then perhaps the time has come to bring more clarity and systematicity to your benefits management system, not only for yourself but also for the benefit of your employees.

An automated benefit management system allows you to define:

  • individual benefit plans – for example Holidays, Savings, Meals, Sports, and more,
  • coverage options = definitions of who the plan may apply to and what its limits are,
  • eligibility rules – determining whether an employee is entitled to a benefit plan,
  • other benefits parameters such as rate levels, benefit periods, payout frequency, and more


  • parameterization of benefits and determining clear conditions for obtaining benefits,
  • clarity for employees – what needs to be met to achieve another benefit,
  • possibility of creating benefit packages and flexible credits,
  • time-saving for the HR department -> more time for creating an HR strategy and carrying out HR marketing.