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An easy and fast way to send out SMS messages, with the possibility of personalized, bulk, or individual SMSs based on the event.


We typically deal with 2 types of requests
  • Finding an effective method for the client with their information or marketing campaigns – typically information about current news, events, mailing discount vouchers, links to websites, information about important changes
  • Arranging to send SMS messages based on an event – typically booking a service date, reminders for bookings or orders, order confirmations, verifications of identification or telephone numbers, acknowledgements, or account status updates and club programme news
Our clients want to be able not only to send messages, but also to monitor the success of their SMS campaigns.

Our solution

Part of our MobileSYSTEM platform is the InfoSMS module, which allows the client to perform the entire sending out of SMSs through intuitive control.
  • The first step is to import contact information and verify phone numbers. 
  • Subsequently, the client writes the SMS text, and the number of SMS messages can be seen directly in the module environment, according to the length of the text. 
  • The system also allows you to insert a link and a shortener to save the total number of SMSs.
  • You can set up subsequent click tracking
  • The last step is the planner to set the time where the messages are to be sent.
  • The system then shows current information about sent, received, and undelivered messages. 
The second option is to connect to the reservation system’ or another customer system in order set up automated messages based on some action. 
The module also cooperates with the module for E-mailing module for sending out e-mail campaigns’, so it can work with the same group of contacts for an e-mail campaign. 


  • The module enables bulk and automatic messages
  • Personalized address to customers
  • Planning of distribution times
  • Campaign tracking, including click statistics if a link is sent
  • Payment for delivered SMS