Marketing research in your own hands

Our MobileSYSTEM platform offers a full range of tools for marketing surveys, from questionnaire design to questionnaire submission, from data collection through to subsequent analysis.


A typical assignment is a request from a company for help with marketing research, whether this involves the evaluation of products or services, the demand for new products or services, or customer experience. 
The company expects us to help them create questionnaires, send them to customers, collect results, and conduct a subsequent data analysis.

How it works

In the initial analysis we’ll look at the expected results of the survey and fine-tune the questionnaire’s final form with the client. According to their requirements, the client has the option to choose from preset templates or to create a new survey. 
Subsequently, contacts are imported into the environment of our platform and the distribution of the survey is planned. It is also possible to set up mailing based on some customer action, or periodically according to the client’s wishes. After distribution of the survey, responses are collected for further processing.
The resulting analyses are made available through dashboards and reports, which can be customized. 
We most often conduct surveys in the form of e-mail or SMS, but thanks to the scalability of our solution, other channels can be added to suit current needs. 
The solution also includes follow-up support after deployment and consultation. 

Benefits of the solution 

  • Security – your clients’ data is safe with us
  • Compliant with GDPR 
  • The system can be used for one-time and repeatable surveys
  • Support for multilingual surveys
  • Planner
  • Dashboards and reporting