Wifi signpost

Our platform allows you to offer your content to customers who connect via Wi-Fi. You can manage your content from just one place. No additional software is needed – all you have to do is configure your Wi-Fi router. Content will be displayed to the customer before connecting to the Wi-Fi network without the need to install anything.


Our Wi-Fi signpost solution is used, for example, in the Costa Coffee chain. This smart solution directs the customer towards various areas in order to help increase sales, improve customer awareness, and gather leads for other marketing purposes.


The signpost page developed for Costa Coffee contains various sections, such as Menu, Contests, Career, Customer Club, Questionnaire, and Wi-Fi login. It was created specifically so that its design could be easily changed according to the season or other marketing events, just as the client needs. Content is controlled centrally for all cafés.

Thanks to the MobileSYSTEM platform, we use links with other modules to implement other marketing activities, such as e-mail campaigns, which are part of the ‘E-mailing’ module. In addition, data is shared within the platform under one roof and no additional solutions need installing. Thanks to the DataGRID module, we can easily connect it to the cash register system and the COSTA COFFEE club

Advantages of the solution

  • Central content management
  • Easy to install
  • Support for various customer devices
  • Clear reporting (for example: monitoring the type of connected devices, visited sites, new and recurring customers)
  • Customer feedback and mystery shopping
  • Business statistics – monitoring the success of campaigns, various levels of comparison (stores, regions, countries, etc.), visualization at the client’s request
  • User management