Automated communication with customers

Communicate with your customers more effectively. Send out your email and SMS campaigns from a single place, and get the best results from your contact database. 


Find a quick and effective way to reach customers with marketing offers.

Dealing with a large number of contacts, creating multilingual versions of campaigns, reaching customers via SMS, sending links, analyzing the success of solutions

How we went about it

The key was getting the contact details and data into a consistent form and format. To help us out we used our own platform, which itself (without modules) allows importing customer contact information and setting up different profiles according to customer requirements. The ‘E-mailing and InfoSMS module’ is part of our MobileSYSTEM platform, thanks to which you can manage various campaigns and use A/B testing for sending newsletters. It also includes a scheduler that allows you to select the most suitable time for sending, as well as to set up automated campaigns based on defined actions.

  • The system also deals with sending links via SMS, including a URL-shortener that allows you to shorten the number of characters of the SMS sent.
  • The appearance of the campaign is set by the customer in an environment using preset templates and the WYSIWYG editor.
  • The system meets GDPR requirements while enabling advanced analytics to evaluate campaign success.
  • The solution for the customer also includes follow-up support after deployment, and consultation if necessary.


Customers have an implemented solution that allows them to manage email and SMS campaigns from one place.

  • Manage multiple language campaigns with ease
  • Planning mailings
  • Campaign success tracking, including click-through rates
  • One-stop reporting