Intelligent solution for digital content presentation

Monit presents a flexible stand-alone stand for LED, Touch, Mirror or Transparent 22"–65" displays with a unique software solution – the DisplayMAN module on the MobileSYSTEM platform – for very simple and intuitive remote management and content creation. And you can control it all remotely FROM YOUR PHONE OR COMPUTER. With a minimum of effort you can significantly influence customers’ buying behaviour, their comfort, help them speed up their purchase, etc.


In cooperation with Coca-Cola, we tested various solutions for digital signage, such as menu boards.
In this case, the requirement was to attract the customer in some suitable way to a point in front of the shop, and then entice them inside for a visit. We were looking for a solution that was innovative, affordable, and able to reach and engage a wide target group, including younger generations.

How we went about it

We developed a HighTech smart stand solution. Coca-Cola wants to offer its retailers a new way of presenting both the Coca-Cola brand and the retailer itself. Thanks to the advent of digital technologies, trends, and better accessibility, Monit chose touchscreens for the pilot operation. The entire solution facilitates central management, whether that involves the small installation of single units or large-scale installations across a sales network in individual regions. You can easily change the content on all devices, and at the same time everything can be controlled from your mobile phone, for example. For the Coca-Cola brand this means a unique way of presenting itself, especially to the younger generation, and for individual retailers and restaurants it represents a space for promotion. The next generation of these intelligent stands will, for example, already recognize the people standing in front of the stand itself and, where appropriate, interactively offer the customer the most suitable product.

Benefits of the solution

  • central content distribution
  • active promotion of impulse buying in stores
  • return on investment in a matter of months
  • no worries about printing advertising flyers and messages
  • eliminates the need for manually replacing advertisements/inserted materials
  • ability to change the online content of messages on individual stands
  • possibility to display multiple messages simultaneously, e.g. video loop + static text
  • automated operation
  • works even if the internet connection is lost
  • expandability with other modules – camera, wifi hotspot, a rack system for printed materials and leaflets
  • analytical tools to evaluate and monitor the progress of campaigns