If the onboarding of new employees is supported by the electronic transmission of documents and a workflow for their approval, you can achieve significant time and cost savings.

Customer problem

Onboarding a new employee begins the moment they accept the job. A common mistake is to create a two-month vacuum, when the company contacts the candidate just before the start of employment. Although every company is different, the onboarding processes are the same for every new employee.

Analysis and search for solutions

It is necessary to realize that involving a new employee in the team is a process. We can imagine it as a spiral that can be divided into smaller parts (stages). Each stage aims to fulfil specific goals (e.g. sign a document, complete training, obtain access, provide confirmation). All this can be fully automated, and several scenarios can be prepared for different positions in the company. We then transform these scenarios into a series of automated consecutive steps. Management is part of the onBOARD module, where it is possible to connect other modules such as for notifications, document management, education, employee benefits, and more. 


The main benefit is the fact that your onboarding process will become a well-oiled machine that you can rely on. It can be supplemented, modified, or corrected at any time, for example according to current legislation.
Company management thus gains a real overview of employees and their relationship to the company. For example, your HR will get more time to look for new people. Thanks to the connection with other modules, the system can become the very backbone of the entire personnel department.