SW for warehouses

Warehousing is one of the most important links in the logistics chain and ensures the receipt, storage, and subsequent release of raw materials, semi-finished goods, and products in the volumes and at the times required by the relevant department of the company, or directly by the customer. In warehousing, each product goes through multiple operations. Among the most important ones are receipt of goods, transfer, storage, assembly, and dispatch (and include activities like packaging, loading onto vehicles, completeness checks according to orders, issuance of shipment documentation, modification of stock records, etc.).

An automated benefit management system allows you to define:

  • individual benefit plans – for example Holidays, Savings, Meals, Sports, and more,
  • coverage options = definitions of who the plan may apply to and what its limits are,
  • eligibility rules – determining whether an employee is entitled to a benefit plan,
  • other benefits parameters such as rate levels, benefit periods, payout frequency, and more


The main task of the app is to control, coordinate, and manage all the processes that take place in the warehouse. Adapt the software flexibly and easily to the changing situation in the company (business development, introduction of new processes, and increasing inventory).


  • Increase in logistics productivity and a reduction in the number of activities performed.
  • Real-time monitoring of the processing of orders.
  • Checking the efficiency of operators’ work.
  • Elimination of errors in shipments.
  • Faster preparation of orders and shipments.
  • Easier to meet delivery dates for orders.
  • Reducing the length of time for numerous activities related to supply chain service.
  • Better use of human and material resources.
  • Significant reduction in cost thanks to expiration or loss of goods.