Intelligent solution for digital content presentation

Monit offers a versatile standalone stand designed for 22"-65" displays, suitable for LED, Touch, Mirror, or Transparent screens. Alongside this hardware, we provide a distinctive software solution – the DisplayMAN module on the MobileSYSTEM platform. This software allows for effortless and intuitive remote management as well as content creation. Plus, you have the convenience of controlling it all remotely from your phone or computer. With minimal effort, you can profoundly impact customer purchasing behavior, enhance their comfort, and expedite their shopping experience, among other benefits.


As part of our collaboration with Coca-Cola, we conducted extensive testing of various digital signage solutions, including menu boards. In this specific case, our objective was to effectively draw customers to a designated area in front of the shop and subsequently entice them to step inside. Our criteria for success were centered around finding an innovative, cost-effective solution capable of appealing to and engaging a broad audience, including younger generations.

Here's how we approached the project:

We developed a cutting-edge HighTech smart stand solution to address Coca-Cola's goal of revolutionizing the presentation of their brand and retailers. Recognizing the increasing prominence of digital technologies and the growing accessibility of interactive displays, we opted for touchscreens in our pilot program.
Our solution offers centralized management, whether for the deployment of individual units or large-scale installations spanning different regions within a sales network. Content on all devices can be easily updated, and the entire system can be controlled conveniently from a mobile phone, for instance.
For the Coca-Cola brand, this signifies a distinctive and engaging approach to reaching out, particularly to the younger generation. Meanwhile, for individual retailers and restaurants, it provides a valuable space for promotional activities.
In the next generation of these intelligent stands, they will have the capability to recognize individuals in front of them and, when appropriate, interactively recommend the most suitable products to customers.

Benefits of the solution

  • central content distribution
  • active promotion of impulse buying in stores
  • return on investment in a matter of months
  • no worries about printing advertising flyers and messages
  • eliminates the need for manually replacing advertisements/inserted materials
  • ability to change the online content of messages on individual stands
  • possibility to display multiple messages simultaneously, e.g. video loop + static text
  • automated operation
  • works even if the internet connection is lost
  • expandability with other modules – camera, wifi hotspot, a rack system for printed materials and leaflets
  • analytical tools to evaluate and monitor the progress of campaigns