On-line voucher

Whether you provide services or sell goods, you can always offer your customers a voucher. The online environment makes it a piece of cake.

Problem with records

Our client, who runs a chain of hairdressing salons, requested help with administering and increased the clarity of their vouchers. The problem mainly lay with linking purchases to the claiming of vouchers. Customers wanted to use their vouchers at different branches, regardless of where the vouchers had been purchased. They were having to make different voucher versions for different salons. There were many such minor matters that made vouchers a complicated product.

Simple solution

After analysing the current situation, we found that each of the sales and voucher claiming processes could be fully digitally automated. 

  1. Purchase
    A simple form of e-shop supplemented by the possibility of adding a dedication to the voucher, added to which online payment is a quick solution that is always available to customers.
  2. Claiming
    Everyone has a voucher in electronic form on their phone. Using a QR code, the voucher can be quickly identified and linked to the cash register. It doesn’t matter where it was bought, the system knows about it.

The client thus received a comprehensive overview and the administration of vouchers. They now see how many vouchers have been sold and claimed, and for which services. In addition, the client has gained new options, for example, to set the validity of an already sold voucher.