Digital document storage

Drowning in paper documents? Are you looking for a way to optimize working with different types of documents in the company? Are you often looking for a document but can’t find it? We have a simple digital document management tool for you. We’ll help you with both the document digitization process and document management itself. 

Typical areas for working with documents

  • Processing incoming mail
  • Processing orders and the related approval process
  • Contract records
  • Processing delivery notes
  • Processing invoices
  • Sharing internal documents and guidelines
  • Minutes of meetings and task management 


Our solution offers an easy way to digitalize documents in the company. It offers various functionalities that can be tailored to your needs.
  • Automation of document scanning and subsequent data extraction. See how we can help you of processing invoices.
  • Search – we offer full-text search using keywords, as well as structured search according to the type of document, date, category, and more 
  • Approval process – workflow settings for a given document type, automation of the approval process
  • Distribution – fast distribution of documents (via central repository, e-mail, or other collaboration tool)
  • Version management


  • Reduces data archiving costs
  • Reduces the administrative costs associated with paper documents 
  • Easily searches among documents
  • Acceleration and streamlining of work
  • Data security – supports ISO, GDPR