Invoice data capture – OCR

Automate processes and use your workforce more efficiently. on your behalf the system reads data from scanned and electronic documents and stores them in your information system with minimal error rate.


An accounting firm was struggling to streamline their manual processing of a large number of invoices. They were most bothered by the high workload of accountants, the time needed to process individual invoices, and a high error rate due to the manual nature of the work. Another problem was the inconsistency of data coming from the individual accounting systems of their customers, and connection to a central system.

How we went about it

After analysing the existing processes, we selected the most suitable technological solution that met the needs of the client. This solution, using OCR technology, pre-configurable templates, and learning technology, allows you to significantly speed up the processing of input data (in this case invoices).

The system can be configured to automatically check input data by connecting to a database. The extracted document is exported to a format supported by the client’s central system, thus eliminating manual work and document transcription.

The solution also includes training in the use of the system and subsequent support during its operation.


After a short period of use, the client will see the main benefits of this comprehensive solution

  •  the number of invoices that must be entered into the system manually has been minimized
  •  the error rate of items entered into the system has fallen
  •  accountants now have more time, which allows the client to expand services going forward